Shadow Casting

(Pentax K30: ISO 100, 18mm, f/11, 1/100 s.)
(Pentax K30: ISO 100, 18mm, f/11, 1/100 s.)

Golden, bright
Shining, blinding, clarifying
Warm, healthful, chilly, cool
Looming, cooling, threatening
Dark, ominous

I immediately thought of the Diamante poetic form when I reviewed this photo, taken on the grounds of (you guessed it), The Maplestone Inn, a charming and welcoming B&B a few miles south of New Paltz. It seemed that my every footstep unfolded an irresistible photo-op. This photo of a simple tree in a bright green meadow, takes on an ethereal character, as the rising sun, a starlit point of light barely breaking through the leaves, creates a long, broad shadow. The lonely, usually unobtrusive tree, becomes a looming, almost threatening figure.


4 Comments on “Shadow Casting

  1. such a beautiful picture, and the story to match it. love it eileen


  2. First of all, your Blog is spectacular and I hope to visit often. Next, ditto for your outstanding photographs. You do have the eye and heart of an artist. Nice work, Joanne… your talent is a pleasure to enjoy!


    • Ronnie, Thank you. Your feedback is especially meaningful to me. I hopped on over to your site and was blown away! Your photography is amazing, and when I paged through the reunion photos, I was shocked to see that you’d done portraits of us – each one with such care and attention. Thank you! Consider me to be a “follower”.


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