A Tribute to Turning Leaves

Written in for NaBloPoMo October: Fall posted by BlogHer.
Prompt for October 1 – what is your favorite thing about Autumn?

IMG_3530I love Autumn.

 I love the falling leaves and resplendent colors; and the cool nights and bright days.  In particular, I love the unique quality of the light as daytime hours are imbued with a sparkling clarity, while cool, clear evenings allow dazzling views of the firmament.

 I love harvested apples, pumpkins and gourds; and filling my pie tins and cake pans with their colorful fruit.  And I love the Sunday aroma of a slow roast in the oven, and freshly baked bread on the cutting board.

 I love planting mums in place of the leggy, summery begonias and then sitting back in my rustic Adirondack chair, sharing a glass of wine, without the annoyance of pesky mosquitoes coming in for a bite; just as I love dodging acorns torpedoes, while watching my bird-feeder-raiding squirrels, industriously gathering them up to stash away in my large deck planters.

 IMG_3531I love hearing the sound of the rehearsing high school band from a distance, through my open windows (I also love that AC is turned off) preparing for the Saturday football game.  And as the October and November sports schedules pick up, I love watching my grandsons jockey their TKD schedules to accommodate season-ending baseball and season-opening soccer practices. I secretly rejoice that my daughter is the one responsible for making sure the uniforms are washed and ready to go.  And as October wanes and blustery November breezes in, I love sitting on the sidelines of their soccer games on a chilly morning, wrapped in a chunky hand-knit sweater, sipping steamy hot chocolate from a thermos cup.

 I love transferring logs from the woodpile to the back porch and lighting the first fire.  I revel in waking to the smell of burning wood that permeates the neighborhood – telling me that hubby has my morning coffee waiting on the hearth, downstairs. 

Most of all, I love autumn because it has always been a time of fresh beginnings for me.  You can keep your New Year’s Day resolutions and all the to-do about turning over a new leaf.  The absolute best time for turning leaves is autumn.  Since my childhood days when new pencil cases, sharpened No.2 pencils, and Lone Ranger book-bags signaled the return to school, it was the chance to begin anew – with a new teacher, a new grade, perhaps a new school, and a new slate (literally and figuratively). Anything was possible. 

An insistent rhythm churns inside me – ticking like a metronome’s predictably reliable clicking.  It subtly reminds me that the human spirit is inexorably driven by circadian rhythms.  I am once again enthused and renewed with the confident knowledge that anything – everything is possible. 

 This is why I love Autumn.


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