Photo Friday: Frozen…Seasons on Ice

It is late August, as I languorously sip my morning coffee on the bedroom porch, noticing the slightly nippy breeze that foretells the fast-approaching end of summer.
I ponder how best to respond to this week’s Photo Friday prompt, “FROZEN“, and realize that the changing seasons color the epitome of that word, for me:

  • SUMMER: Only two weeks ago, we sat at Cap’n Jack’s in Downtown Disney, sipping icy cold, Golden Margueritas. We toasted to end of an era, as this treasured landmark would soon be closing.
  • AUTUMN: Soon, Indian Summer will wane and the cold winds of November will knock, as they did last year, when after Hurricane Sandy, we wistfully witnessed an early snow cover over the empty pool deck, with vague whispered memories of splashes and delighted squeals of slippery children, nipping at our memories.
  • WINTER: Mother Nature’s icy force will soon follow, blanketing the deck where I now sit, with half a foot, or more, of sparkling wet snow.
  • SPRING: Finally, and predictably, as our appetite for cold dissipates with the hope of revitalizing warmth, the thawing icicles will drip, drip, drip, from the very eaves that now shield me from the rays of sun.

This gallery is my interpretation of “Frozen“.


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