Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae


A life in brief;
White paper, black ink
Highlights, degrees, awards and stats;
Job descriptions, lauds and facts.
A single page, a bulleted sheaf
A static pencil sketch, barely
Scratching the surface of
the finished canvas masterpiece.

Between the lines of ink-jet words,
Unspoken joys and sorrows;
Peppered like seed pods,
Broad-scattered by shifting winds.
E’en, careful-tended gardens sometimes weep
As loss and grief crop up like weeds,
Amidst the brilliant blooms and flow’ring fruit:
Perennials – promised hopes of coming days.

Sundial shadows cast
and cast again, each day,
The oft-unnoticed passage ‘cross
time’s relentless arc.
A single page, a single life? Perhaps…
But, ‘neath the time-worn talking points,
an uncloaked life, laid bare, for all
to grasp the un-penned,
total truth.

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Written in response ti the Trifecta Challenge prompt: GRASP (verb), 3rd Definition:
3: to lay hold of with the mind : comprehend

12 Comments on “Curriculum Vitae

  1. I’ve never thought about what my CV isn’t letting on. Very thought provoking poem!


  2. Reading your comment, I wasn’t far off – I was thinking a resume. Boiling down an entire life into one or two-sentence points does leave so much unrecognized.


    • Yes. Perhaps because it ( the CV) was really an attempt to tell my fellow alums what I’d even doing for fifty years …and I realized that the real me was not a bullet point. Thanks, Janna.


  3. Beautifully stated and all, so very true. There are lots of good lines throughout. I liked “A static pencil sketch, barely scratching the surface of the finished canvas masterpiece.” How much do we reveal of ourselves to the world and how much does the world know of us from the brief glimpses we allow? Very nicely written. Thanks for the pleasure of reading your great work. 🙂


    • Thank you, Tom. I was inspired this week by the fact that I had to prepare a ‘bio’ for an upcoming high school class reunion. As I tried to present my life in bullets, I realized that one really has to read between the lines, between the jobs and the degrees and the hobbies to understand what life has been over these intervening years. Thank you for your wonderful words.


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