On Miracles


The same old butterflies returned to her stomach and her pulse quickened with uncertainty, as she turned into the familiar road that led to her mountain retreat.

Her friends and acquaintances from prior years had opted for other weeks, other programs, other Directors. But she outsmarted herself by insisting that she wanted to stretch her musical boundaries. She set aside the tried and true, “Bach B Minor Mass” for the challenging and unfamiliar Vaughan Williams and Lauridsen.

What had she been thinking?

She rehearsed,  ‘ad nauseam’, using the prescribed scores and practice CDs, and yet she was still hoping that some miracle would make her love this music.

The first hurdle – being assigned to a decent dorm room – was behind her. She settled in to the spartan space that would be her home away from home for seven days and nights. It was with relief that she inflated her air mattress, unpacked her clothes, and hung her lace curtain panels with expandable rods. Finally, she carefully placed her stuffed animals on her pillow.

As she began the ten minute walk across campus, she wondered if she would like him. The Director could make or break the entire immersion experience. At the concert hall, she meticulously selected a seat on the risers; a spot from which she would have optimal eye contact.

He confidently took the podium, and was introduced to the group of nearly 140 choristers. As he lifted his baton and scanned the singers standing before him, she knew that she’d chosen well. He would charm the chorus with his baton, eliciting astoundingly beautiful music from this unique assemblage of strangers; diverse personalities and talents who had never sung together before and would never do so again.

She got her miracle and for a moment, the world knew peace.


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The Trifecta challenge this week is: Charm [ verb \ˈchärm\] 3: to control typically by charms


This week’s Studio30 Plus prompt is “Falling,” and/or “Uncertainty.”

6 Comments on “On Miracles

    • Yes, Jo-Anne…I enjoyed it immensely. Being there is always a cathartic experience. The Dirctor, Jerry Blackstone, was talented and funny and very personable. And the music was uplifting and moving. Thanks for commenting ns for unserstnding.


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