Photo Friday: ‘Structures’

Structures and Boundaries
Structures and Boundaries

As an engineer my first inclination was to select a marvelous, awe inspiring bridge or skyscraper, as a subject for this photo essay. Certainly there are many such subjects that scream to be noticed and many that have been beautifully and artistically captured on film or digital media for posterity.

Less obvious though is this simple photograph taken last month at the Dinosaur exhibit at The Museum of Natural History. It illustrates, in dramatic juxtaposition, less obvious and diverse elements of structure:

  • the unearthed and painstakingly reconstructed ancient dinosaur skeleton
  • the modern, sleek, stainless steel, formed railing and its cantilevered arched supports
  • the elegantly grandiose polished marble columns
  • the sharp lucidity of the reflective, structural glass enclosure
  • the arched frame of the hand painted mural in the background
  • the shiny circular dome of the trash receptacle
  • the reproduced sepia-toned image of this planet’s terra firma where-on these denizens once roamed freely.

All of these structural elements can be seen here. However, one additional, very important element of structure can be inferred; that of the nurturing and guidance provided by a loving mother to her sons.

Usually architectural, always aesthetic, often archaic and sometimes anachronistic; structures improve our habitats, support our life forms, enhance our knowledge of history and define our boundaries.


Photo Friday
Photo Friday

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