Haiku Friday: Summer Sparklers

imageThe haiku below, was inspired by a visit from our two oldest grandsons last night. As dusk descended, along with the threat of a severe thunderstorm, we realized that the lightning bugs were out – en masse!

Armed with a few hastily aerated plastic containers, we descended upon the yard and ran around, darting here and there in pursuit of the miracle insects that epitomize summer; giggling uncontrollably, until a clap of thunder sent us running into the house.

In the ensuing melee, a couple of the critters escaped into our living room; but undaunted, we rolled up the shades and opened the windows. Kneeling on the couch in the dark, we watched and listened to the downpour, oohed and aahed with each lightning flash, watched for signs of lightning bug reemergence, and chattered excitedly about everything under the sun:

  • What is a glow-worm?
  • What do lightning bugs eat?
  • How can we catch the ones loose in the house?
  • How many seconds are there between the lightning and the thunder?

And on it went, in a stream of consciousness, amazing free for all…until the phone rang, startling us as if an alarm had gone off in our camp tent!

We scurried around in the dark to find it and answer it. It was exasperated Mom, who after a stressful drive through the storm, was now in our driveway, in the middle of the downpour, wondering why no one heeded her many texts and calls. A moment later, Grandpa – golf umbrella at the ready – escorted the boys to the waiting minivan.

It was a lovely night – one I will long remember and conjure up, when I need a smile.
I’m smiling now!
Can you tell?

And now…the haiku:

Summer lightning bugs,

Flitting twinklers,  foretelling

Rumbling lightning storm.

Lou Ceel's Haiku Friday
Lou Ceel’s Haiku Friday

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