Arriving early at the cafe to claim ‘their’ table, she ordered the ‘usual’ fondue and carafe, and nervously tried to temper her unrealistic expectations, even though he’d agreed to see her.

A decade ago when she fled Geneva, slinking from their pension into the dark alleys of the  vieille ville like a thief in the night, she knew he’d be devastated.

The long-ago familiar click of his step on the age-worn cobblestones announced his arrival, just moments before she could read the years of hurt, loneliness, and undying love in his sad, forgiving eyes.


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Trifextra Weekend Prompt:
This weekend we’re revisiting an early Trifextra, our second ever. The challenge is to write a complete story in only three sentences. Good luck

12 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. jannatwrites

    You tell a lot of story – hard to believe it’s only three sentences! She may see the forgiveness, but the hurt and sadness may prevent him from taking her back – at least at first.


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