Victory Lap

Victory Lap
Victory Lap

I grow weary. I’ve been scanning the shoreline since dawn, haggling over bottom-feeders, swept ashore by last night’s tide. There must be more, but where are they hiding?

[She mused that perhaps she’d lost her mojo; that her age would inevitably push her into depending on others for sustenance, or worse, she’d be swallowed whole by a sudden shark-leap or pulled, gasping, to the bottom of the sea. She dismissed that thought, as if merely by thinking it, it would be true.]

Look at me…I am beautiful…I am strong…I am wise; wise enough to sense the life teeming beneath that distant swell, just out of reach.

Wait for it to roll nearer.
Ascend once more!

[Gathering all her strength she soared upward, then swooped gracefully – as gracefully as she’d ever been. Her span and the sleek silhouette of her wingspan against the burning, orange sun rising above the horizon, created a perceptible frenzy on shore, as all stopped to marvel at her magnificence.]

I’m an old pro. I have stature, breadth of span, timing and wisdom, where the rest only have speed and flexibility.

I soar again and dive, daring to delve into the about-to-break swell.
With precision and grace I pause to strike; and for a moment, I’m immersed in the briny breaker.
Just as quickly, I escape with my prey, as the suds continue their rush to shore.

Success! I’ve charged forward to seize my destiny, while others wait and wade on shore.

Today, I am exhilarated and rejuvenated.
Today, I’ve earned the right to face this day, as I take my victory lap.
Today, I’m victorious!

Tomorrow, I’ll fight the survival game again.
Tomorrow will come.

๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ 


Written in response to Studio30P prompt:

(for swell, you can go with the ocean swell with image below or the adjective)

3 Comments on “Victory Lap

  1. Sweet! I love getting into the minds of animals. For me, that usually means pelicans. There’s so much grace, and long periods of waiting and watching, punctuated with bursts of life-or-death action. That comes across beautifully in your post!


  2. Oh cool. Do you have any idea how many hours I spend watching the birds as they take their dive and plunge into the water? THIS piece is so true, it totally depicts it accurately. That and it reminded me of Jonathan Livingston, and I so loved that story so I’m totally saying YAY to yours. Great take on the prompt!


    • Thanks…I also spend hours on the beach in the morning whenever I can. Ad I loved JL SEAGULL too. Specifically avoided going back to it so I’d be ire the words were my own. Thanks so much for sharing your passion for the story and the beauty of an early sunrise on the beach.


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