“Bless me, Father…”

"Bless me, Father..."
“Bless me, Father…”

Simple mantra,
Plaintive prayer:
“It’s been two weeks, no four!
It’s been six months,
since my last confession.”

Years have flown.
Where to begin?
Would He listen?
Could He forgive?
“Bless me Father…”

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18 Comments on ““Bless me, Father…”

  1. as children we were taught to ask for forgiveness, all the time, such as confession being one of the most imprtant things we did every saturday, so we were pure to receive holy communion on sunday, the big question was how many times, we sinned our sin, how many times, was so important. in our lives, how many times. i know you know


    • Yes,and we were painstakingly careful..was it ten days or two weeks, etc.
      We’d rehearse what we were planning on saying, and pray that the priest wasn’t horrified. As adults we know the sincerity of the atonement is what counts, and as another blogger commented, asking for forgiveness implies that it willbe granted feom a good and merciful God. Thanks for sharing those childhood meoriea😍


  2. When we’re ready to ask God for forgiveness, it’s ours. I agree with the comment above that asked if we could forgive ourselves. Yes, that’s the hard part!


  3. All you can do is bare your soul and hope. Great, powerful work here.

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