Haiku Friday: Blue-sky Hope

Felled Mother Tree
Felled Mother Tree

Felled mother-trunk
      Strewn with fractured fence debris,
                                Frames blue-sky hope.

Lou Ceel's Haiku Friday
Lou Ceel’s Haiku Friday

I wrote this Haiku while looking back on my hurricane Sandy photos.

It struck me then, as it does now, that though this Grand Dame Tree   that had thundered loudly to the ground across our yard. screamed and echoed of the destruction that was all around us; when considered  after the storm,  it symbolized  that the morning-after tenuousness was filled with hope, and the clearing created by uprooted tree and fencing would redirect earth-energy into  the younger, still-standing tree-lings, permitting the healing sun to shine through onto new growth.

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