Shared Secrets

Shared Sibling Secrets
Shared Sibling Secrets

“D-man, what’s your best, all-time favorite movie?”

Les Miserables…I know every song  by heart!”

“But you’ve never even seen that movie – it’s rated PG13!

“So what!  It’s still my favorite.”

This was written in response to Trifextra Challenge Week 53, in which we were asked for 33 words of dialogue.

2 Comments on “Shared Secrets

    • So does my 8 yr old grandson-truly. My daughter shared this anecdote with me. Since Mom won’t take him to see age (age appropriateness), Grandpa got him a youth novel/version to read, and he treasures it. He’s reluctant to finish it because it will be over. I’m hoping this will launch a passion for reading. I remember feeling that way about books…still do. We all hate to finish a good read, becoming invested in the characters. Thanks Deana


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