Why “BCIJo”?

To the uninitiated, this blog name may seem illegible and perhaps even irrelevant.   But it isn’t either of these things.   After having toyed with the idea of changing my blog name, I realized that after these seven months of blogging, I do have an on-line identity; friends have been made, history captured and a journey recorded.  While it would be possible to provide a myriad of links, explanations and re-directions,  I  decided that rather than I lose my beloved online identifier,  I would instead, explain its origin.

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I am obsessed with music.  This has been true as long as I can remember.  Back in the very early internet days of “you’ve got mail” I selected a name near and dear to my heart that would reflect my love of music and in part, my obsession with a unique place of beauty and renewal:  The Berkshire Choral Festival, held each summer in beautiful Sheffield, Massachusetts.  When I began my connection with BCF, it was known as The Berkshire Choral Institute..hence BCI.   “Jo”was the logical tag-on of course.

I am enclosing a few photos taken last summer when I participated in Opera Week.  I expect to return in 2013 for a week of Lauridsen and  Vaughan Williams, but most importantly to experience the  renewal  that a sequestered week in the mountains with 200 fellow singers and musicians,  music rehearsals several times a day and lovely quiet nights, can deliver.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out, before returning to your own creative pursuits.  I will now set aside all thoughts of name changing and focus on the reason I began this blog:  to express my perspectives on life through prose, poetry and photography.

BCIJo, aka Joanne Edith

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