Delicious Deliverance

Photography (& Baking) by Joanne Edith
Photography (& Baking) by Joanne Edith

I sit undisturbed,
Waiting, waiting, waiting
Resting, hours have become days and nights
The point of no return, imminent
Until I am, at last,  retrieved.
But is it too late?

I shed my ‘not-so-glad’ Glad Wrap
Formation by hand, into perfectly shaped orbs
Bathed in egg white,
Powdered with fine hazelnut talc
Thumbprint indentations awaiting jam
But is it too late?

I crumble
My once-rich malleable form disintegrates
How to heal this neglected batch
Butter to the rescue … re-homogenization attempted
Frantic, frenetic fixing
It’s not too late!

I’ve become ( finally)
Dozens of delicate, delicious dots
Rolled, dusted, thumb-pressed, jelly filled
Now baked and resting (Ah – once again!)
Destined deliverance
Dazzling, Delectable crown
Christmas Cookie Platter


Written in response to Trifecta Challenge:  HEAL….to restore to original purity or integrity <healed of sin>

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