Listening by Heart

Just one more game…Ple-e-e-ase!                   (Photography by Joanne Edith)

I happily and confidently reestablish my strategic position, as I have hundreds of times.   From this special perch,  we are again committed co-conspirators, defending the highly treasured (if sea-slogged) Crabby Patty secret.

Arm Wrestling Champion (Photography by Joanne Edith)
Arm Wrestling Champions                        (Photography by Joanne Edith)

We are best friends and buddies.  He listens to me.  He hears me.  He should act his age, but instead, gleefully joins in my juvenile jousts.  Without  a word, his smiles are heard and together we mount our offense.

He is “…amazing…” and Grandma finally surrenders, scooping out the spoils of this battle; ice cream cones.  My Grandpa loves coffee ice cream. 

I’m a vanilla man, myself!

In response to the Velvet Verbosity 100-word challenge ( Prompt: “Listen”.


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