Chez Justice (Photography by Joanne Edith)

Not guilty!
He skillfully set forth strategies,
Solicited sympathies,
Served up her scapegoats,
Superbly defended the indefensible.

Not guilty!
She is so appreciative;
Flashing her ebony black eyes,
Conjuring up crocodile tears,
Engendering the exigent need to protect her.

Not guilty!
The proclamation that sets her free,
Reverberates throughout the courtroom.
Chaos ensues; his skill, the subject of unending acclaim.
His legal victory, hollow.

Not guilty!
He knows the terrifying truth.
Tonight, as darkness suffocates him,
He will silently shed a tear for the suffocated child
Stifling his scream:  Guilty!

This entry is written in response to Trifecta Challenge ( ), week 53:  To use the third definition of the prompt:
HOLLOW (adjective)

1: having an indentation or inward curve : concave, sunken
2: having a cavity within <a hollow tree>
3: lacking in real value, sincerity, or substance : false,meaningless <hollow promises> <a victory over a weakling ishollow and without triumph — Ernest Beaglehole>
4: reverberating like a sound made in or by beating on a large empty enclosure : muffled


12 Comments on “CHEZ JUSTICE!

  1. Whoa. o__O I thought this was going to be a fun Chicago-esque piece until that last part. Great job!


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