Macabre Massage (Trifecta Challenge: Sinister)

This week’s challenge:   SINISTER:   1 archaic : unfavorable, unlucky     2 archaic : fraudulent         3: singularly evil or productive of evil (


Photography by Joanne Edith

Were it not for the unnerving sense of impending doom that began to overtake his psyche, he was relieved to leave the sinister spa lady; who not only claimed ignorance of his appointment, but more puzzlingly, made no attempt to hide her animus towards him!  The conundrum plagued him during the entire drive home.

As he strode hastily toward his front door, still unable to shake the unpleasantness of his encounter with her, he sensed something was amiss:  a horse-drawn carriage, silhouetted against the rising full moon, was inexorably closing in on him.  Quickening his pace, sprinting up the steps, he stopped in his tracks, realizing that his front door was already open!   He knew chillingly and  instinctively that whatever lay in wait across the darkened threshold, was to be feared; even as the looming shadow of the carriage grew ever larger behind him, threatening to swallow him whole.

Distant screams grew louder, nearer, clearer:  ”Help… Help …Help”, with a timbre so ghastly guttural, he dare not conjure from whence these inhuman utterances emanated.  Lungs, about to implode in a frenzy of fanatical fear, he sucked in a single, last gasp of air and tenuous thread to consciousness; only to realize in horror that the futile screams were his!

“Honey, wake up…wake up!”      Heart still racing, he stared into the deep brown eyes of his Sara.  Struggling to regain his grasp on reality, he nestled closer:  “I love you, Sara.”   She smiled, patting herself on the back for having made the appointment.  He needed to relax – to shed the  stress that must be causing his nightmares.  “Honey, don’t forget, your spa massage is at five … ask for Enid.  She’ll take good care of you!”


9 Comments on “Macabre Massage (Trifecta Challenge: Sinister)

  1. A sinister spa lady. Cracked me right up, especially when I re-read it knowing the end. Very clever. Poor fellow. I mean, aside from the downtowners, how many guys really want to go to a spa. Oh, wait. Maybe it is only my guy who won’t … =D

    I think this is a great piece, totally unexpected from start to finish.


    • Thanks, Karen. Funny thing is that I am the one who stresses out about getting a massage. I know…my daughter and my hubby think I’m weird. Once there I love it, though. Thanks for coming back and for you feedback.


      • My sister’s husband a few years back bought her a gift certificate to a spa, the twit. She can barely stand to be touched, nevermind massaged. *snort*.

        What killed me is that she wouldn’t give me the voucher, rather she let it expire. I imagine that’s how cranky she felt about the gift. Funny, because he is usually bang on with what he gets her.

        I think it is great that you love it once you are there, though. That’s something to celebrate.


  2. Something tells me he should not ask for Enid 🙂 So had he been there before and been terrified, or was his nightmare from the anxiety of going for his first massage?


  3. Don’t ask for Enid. Don’t. Don’t be stupid–oh he’s going to ask for Enid, isn’t he? 🙂


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