Nullification, To a Fault

Blind Injustice, unleashed:

  Disregarding all authentic accusers

      Invalidating lucid, litigious logic

         Suspending inherent, insistent incredulity

            Belying  total, terrible  truth 

               Evincing encompassing evidentiary exhibits

                 Letting go, relinquishing reality

                     Ignoring presented, positive proof

                        Eroding judicial jurisprudence

                            Freeing culpable, self-confessed criminal!

This is posted response to Trifecta Week 44 challenge to use the third definition of the word <blind> :

….3a : having no regard to rational discrimination, guidance, or restriction <blind choice>    b : lacking a directing or controlling consciousness <blindchance>   c : drunk”



6 Comments on “Nullification, To a Fault

  1. Yes, as Linda said, I love how you play with words. And the message is very interesting. You’ve made me curious. I don’t know whether you are talking about a particular situation or just the state of affairs in general.


    • Thanks. I seldom know where i am going when I begin, then all of a sudden there it is! In this case I remembered the OJ verdict. technically, though, jury nullification is when the jury goes agains the judge’s instructions, for whatever reason. I used poetic license to describe one’s inability to believe the reams of evidence presented. Yet, often, disbelief remains in the nagging subconscious.


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