Am I Blue (posted on Trifecta; Thursday June 21, 2012)

Am I blue?
Loving, gifted grandsons,
Handsome husband,
Fairy tale family,
Perfect puppy!

Ah, there it is… lachrymosa.
My “Shadow”, my sheltie.
Always near: my playmate, my pal, my patient.
She trusted me to care for her;
To know when to say “when”.

She needed saving…she was saved;
A day, a few precious weeks…months.
She’s healing, she’s walking, she’s eating,
She’s happy!
She’s gone!

A void is now, happily, filled…our perfect puppy:
Joie de vivre….ecstatic exuberance…we love him!
Still, a dull ache pulses softly beneath a smiling surface
Ever receding: open wound, scab, scar.
I am blue.

Joanne EdithImage

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