PERSPECTIVE (Posted on June 13; Trifecta Challenge “Alley”)

Designated location on rooftop deck 
Shortcut through the alley; 
Suddenly, senses under attack  
The city’s underbelly!
Wait to exhale…
Walk faster, closer and closer
to the distant pinpoint of light
Emerge, gasping, from the alley!
Exhale!  Inhale!  Breathe!
Breathe in, breathe out,
Revulsion recedes
Climb worn stone steps to 4th floor Hurry! Wait! Survive – ’til day’s end.  
The alley awaits!
Will I be chosen?
Thought evolves; from alley – to ‘box’ – and back 
Nausea gives way to nostalgia; Powerlessness to pride
Responsibility! Right! Privilege!
It’s 1972 – it’s 2012: years elapse; nothing changes.
Jury Duty!

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