What I Tell Myself Three Times is True

This is the first time I am linking directly with the Trifecta Challenge http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com


Week 33 Prompt One:

Write a 33-333 word response to the following quote: “What I tell you three times is true.” by Lewis Carroll. You do not have to use the actual quote in your response, but you may if you wish.

She had to believe this would work, or it might not…

She had to convince herself that the grass was not greener in this wonderful, magical place;  despite the vibrant vistas, yellow-bricked journeys and technicolored tribulations…

She had to truly want to return to her sometimes scary, mostly mundane, but reliably black-and-white world…

She closed her eyes and tapped her sequined, ruby slippers together, three times: 

“There’s no place like home, 

     There’s no place like home, 

            There’s no place like home!”

by BCIJo (aka Joanne Edith)

11 Comments on “What I Tell Myself Three Times is True

  1. That’s a GREAT Wizard of Oz moment. By the end of the series, she drags Auntie Em and Uncle Henry to Oz with her. But in that first return with the silver slippers, she really does have to let go of the color and wish for the mundane.


  2. I really enjoyed this! You put a spin on a story we all know well, and I think it worked great!
    I also prefer the black and white comfort of home, although I was never creative enough to look at it the way you have written. 😉
    Great work!


    • Me too! Always preferred black and white…and Home! Thanks for your comment.


    • I’ve never been to Kansas either but something tells me it beats Oz! Thanks for the comments…always welcomed.


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