Once upon a time, two children met,
The boy, an only child, was shy and sweet,
The girl (with siblings two), would ne’er forget
The place and time this boy and she did meet.

In 4th grade classroom daily they would greet
each other ‘midst the chalkboard dust, and share
A secret wave or smile from distant seats,
And “Sister” smiled, as well, to see this pair.

As “Sister” planned a Christmas skit, prepared
with many roles, where all could play a part,
The dolls in Santa’s workshop, pretty, cared
not for “Rag Doll” and her fragile heart.

But “Chauffeur” saw her charm and seized the day
And “B❤️J”… six decades hence he stayed.

While strolling around the glacier lake at Mohonk Mountain House a few weeks ago, we sat on a bench with these carved initials (featured photo), which harkened back to school days at St. John’s, where we met. We had the leading roles in the Christmas play; when I bemoaned the fact that a Rag Doll (my character) would never win Santa’s favor.  Chauffeur (his character) replied: ” If I were the judge you would!”
We were married in St. John’s Church on August 26, 1967.

“Light and Shade” and “The Woven Tale Press”.

3 Comments on “B❤️J

  1. Love this. So true, and beautiful, I don’t think we will ever see things like this again ever happening, with the new age of texting, etc.. It reminds me of the letters mommy and daddy wrote to each other , back in 1944, love letters. Mailed, as phones were sparse.then. Beautiful yet sad, think about it. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone. And put a stamp on it and mailed it. I’m sure it was a long time ago. And how dare we carve initials into a bench, or tree. Today we would get arrested, on that note , I am gonna write a letter to someone. Just because, it’s such a rarity. Love you Eileen


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