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An Engineer’s Journal: Interview in The City

January 13, 2005 It was my husband’s birthday. There was something surreal about driving north on the snow-covered NJ Turnpike with my mate of 38 years, en route to Manhattan for a meeting… Continue reading

An Engineer’s Journal (January 2012): Retirement Reflections Reconsidered

Seagull Perspective It was January, 2012.  When I look at this photograph I am transported back to that beautiful Santa Barbara beachfront resort, where we spent our pre-retirement weekend, replaying the events and… Continue reading

EOCH Echoes

🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓 It’s October 1962.  I’m swept back into the teenage milieu that molded my character; sitting in Mr. Yates’ music room at East Orange Catholic High School , rehearsing a quartet, “A Dream… Continue reading

Calendar Conundrum

Since I happily left corporate chaos behind eighteen months ago, my calendar, once overflowing with teleconferences, meetings, travel and ‘to-do’ deadlines, is now regularly sprinkled with doctor appointments, diagnostic procedures and preventative check-ups.… Continue reading

Bye-Bye, BCI Jo!

  Today, I am taking the plunge! After 18 months of ‘thinking about it’, today is the day that my first blog, “BCI Jo” (launched on the day of my retirement from the… Continue reading

Timing is Everything!

Timing is everything! Just minutes ahead of traffic, she would fly into the city.   She merged onto the interstate, conjuring up scenarios and ‘what-if’ responses:  If ‘He’ said ‘this’,  she’d say ‘that’.    If… Continue reading

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