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A Parent’s Prayer

On this balmy April night, As bloodmoon rises silent, ‘Cross the gauzy, purple heavens, On this balmy, April night, I breathe a silent, fervent prayer, of thanksgiving, For God’s greatest gifts.  

Lucid Dreams

🌲🌲🌲 He’s entering the woods as oft before, And still his heart is thumping, resolute, This path has been the backdrop to his more lucid revelations, thoughts astute. The crunch of long-dropped pine… Continue reading

Of Shared Strolls, Sandy Beaches and Miracles

Ponte Vedra Sunrise, March, 2014 Damp grains of sand fill up all the spaces ‘tween my toes, As foaming surf rushes to embrace the shore, Erasing every foot-mold, as if they’d never been.… Continue reading

March Madness

After months of snow and ice The rains return, Erasing dirty dunes and saturating frozen earth. Window’s blowing curtains open wide I sleep but dreams don’t stay, Instead my brain replaying scenes: Deserted… Continue reading

Just Yesterday (Speakeasy #147)

  “There was a time when things were different.” Many things were different, Everything was different. Was it a dream or was it Just yesterday? Just yesterday, The weathered, well-pruned arborvitae lay prone… Continue reading

An Engineer’s Journal: Orientation Day, 1963

Journal Entry: September 18, 1963 Today’s assembly was nerve-racking.  I got through the bookstore successfully, managing to get every book on the list, the K&E slide rule, drafting instruments and seven college-lined notebooks. … Continue reading

Happy Hippie-hugging Halloween!

Today is October 31, 2013. Today, I: …met a Ninja! …talked football with the Manning brothers! …kissed a witch and hugged a butterfly!. …bumped into several Minecraft characters and a few zombies! …gawked… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Standing on the brink, Face turned heavenward, Momentary musings launch my spirit towards distant, mystical, mountain mists, leaving Fall’s ephemeral foreground behind. Suddenly, sensing a glimmer, A hint of hope piercing through the… Continue reading

Behind The Brick-red Barn

My tote-sac always stocked, prepared to fly, Escape to spur-of-moment quietude, Where out of sight (and out of mind, perchance), I gather wool, behind my brick-red barn. The beauty and bucolic balm pervades… Continue reading

An Engineer’s Journal: Interview Day

Journal Entry, April21, 1967:  Interview Day on Campus Why did I add my name to so many sign-up sheets?  Hedging my bets, I suppose.  That little insistent voice in the back of my… Continue reading

EOCH Echoes

🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓 It’s October 1962.  I’m swept back into the teenage milieu that molded my character; sitting in Mr. Yates’ music room at East Orange Catholic High School , rehearsing a quartet, “A Dream… Continue reading

Why Opal Reflections? Bye, Bye, BCIJo!

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