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A Musician’s Notebook: Making a Rainbow

  This is a beautiful and special place. Each summer, a prep school campus of rolling, green hills, clear mountain air, and rippling streams, nestled at the foot of Mt. Everett in Sheffield Massachusetts,… Continue reading

Shifting Shades of Gray (Photo Friday: Black and White)

  ***** ***** Clear choice: Black or White, Save for some who toss; lost ‘tween Shifting shades of gray. ***** *****

Morning has broken!

Stillness settles in upon my soul Each dewy dawn before the world awakes, From distant towns and leas I hear the wave of waking birdsong welcoming the sun, Washing near as night skies… Continue reading

A Musician’s Notebook: It’s All About The Journey…Or Is It?

This has been a very busy week in that the Choral Art Society of NJ (of which I am a proud second soprano), is rehearsing for the May 17th concert. This is a ritual that… Continue reading

Floating Dock

Craving these misty mornings, Escaping to night-shattering dawn, Rocking to the gentle undulations, Sloshing soft on un-named lake lagoon, Beating a metronomic pulse: Soul-stirring. Treading barefoot on grainy planks, Leaving sleepy-land behind, Feeling… Continue reading

Savvy ‘Savonneurs’

    Returning to this aerie, Côte d’Azur Was meant to be a salve, a jaunt, a spree of sorts, yet (tears held back) I’m steady, sure that paths we chose back then… Continue reading

Blurred Lines

Billowing sails wisp, Blurring line ‘tween sea and sky, Hope is limitless.  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

This series of photographs is posted in response to the prompt “letters“. Upon first glance, these two photos, are a welcome banner and a logo on a cap.  For me, though, when I… Continue reading

A Parent’s Prayer

On this balmy April night, As bloodmoon rises silent, ‘Cross the gauzy, purple heavens, On this balmy, April night, I breathe a silent, fervent prayer, of thanksgiving, For God’s greatest gifts.  

Lucid Dreams

🌲🌲🌲 He’s entering the woods as oft before, And still his heart is thumping, resolute, This path has been the backdrop to his more lucid revelations, thoughts astute. The crunch of long-dropped pine… Continue reading

Of Shared Strolls, Sandy Beaches and Miracles

Ponte Vedra Sunrise, March, 2014 Damp grains of sand fill up all the spaces ‘tween my toes, As foaming surf rushes to embrace the shore, Erasing every foot-mold, as if they’d never been.… Continue reading

March Madness

After months of snow and ice The rains return, Erasing dirty dunes and saturating frozen earth. Window’s blowing curtains open wide I sleep but dreams don’t stay, Instead my brain replaying scenes: Deserted… Continue reading

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