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Dog Days of Spring

Sharply cold, his foot pads on the grass, He scurries frantically to beat the crowd, They, the better vantage point from which to spy and seize the trinkets locked inside. But he with… Continue reading


  As schoolyard beaus they shared a trance-like smile, ‘cross the expanse, mere sight lines through the fence, Her goal; to reach his heart-space without guile, To share a glance of innocence (impulsive… Continue reading

April’s Opus

Tinkling wind chimes beat the rhythm of the breeze, Tempo sets for cardinal calls and woodpecker rat-a-tats. Delicate doves swoop in tandem, gathering fallen seeds, Wings aflutter and cooing their ‘mourning’ song. Canada… Continue reading

An Easter Ditty

Brightly colored, named and set aside, For Easter bunny pranks and searching fun, Each year the giggling chorus starts outside, Cacophony of happiness, boys undone. I spy with my sharp eye an aqua… Continue reading


Velvet moss-cushion, ‘Tween reed grass and lagoon spray, Rocky Egret shores.

Time After Time

Images conflate, though tossed and torn, Long since forgotten, left on hooks, Wrenched away from neural nooks of memory, hanging bare, forlorn. Which rested dormant through the years, Outliving weddings, day-to-days of married bliss,… Continue reading

Happy “Birth” Day

“Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold”, and yet his sister, Spring, crept near, A quickening within, imbued a calming peace, I teetered on the brink; embraced my fear. Months of wafting breezes… Continue reading

Legacy of Love

My baby girl is mother of two sons, They lean on her and she depends on them, They give her strength, and warmth, and days of inner calm, She gives them all she… Continue reading

A Parent’s Prayer

On this balmy April night, As bloodmoon rises silent, ‘Cross the gauzy, purple heavens, On this balmy, April night, I breathe a silent, fervent prayer, of thanksgiving, For God’s greatest gifts.  


Launch each day anew, Treasure true precious moments, Manna from heaven.

Perfect Percussion

Rat-a-tat-tat-tat Red-headed woodpecker drums Spring’s percussive pace.


  Window box sun rays, Diffract, reflect, predict Hope, Life for the taking.

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