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Blurred Lines

Billowing sails wisp, Blurring line ‘tween sea and sky, Hope is limitless.  

In Vino Veritas

Leaving Avignon, a sad “adieu,” Province would, all too soon, become a dream, Settling in ‘en train’, content; we knew we’d long recall these fleeting scenes. Through filmy windows, suddenly all green, My… Continue reading

Haiku: Precarious Perch

Precarious perch Clinging; gath’ring gust is nigh, Crash – quick and lethal   Written for Studio 30+ using prompt: “Quick and Lethal”  

The Balance of Nature

It hangs so striking, vivid and serene Upon my featured well-lit bedroom wall, I know from years of staring at its theme, Since then I understood: I was appalled. When first I saw… Continue reading

Languid Lagoon

Water surface shines a mirrored scene Enhancing hues and shadows even more than mid-day sun could ever shine, serene, As world slows down a bit upon this shore. Cumulus dust the wispy sky… Continue reading

White Heron Hopes

***************************** Milky plumage bright, Sadly reign o’er lush lagoon, Sunrise Point no more. ********** I took this photograph from the top of “Sunrise Point”, one sun-warmed morning at the Polynesian Village. I didn’t know then… Continue reading

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