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Whispering Pines (Photo Friday: Solitude)

*****   Whispers, silent sighs of towering pines, inviting peaceful solitude. ***** Postaday: 

Shifting Shades of Gray (Photo Friday: Black and White)

  ***** ***** Clear choice: Black or White, Save for some who toss; lost ‘tween Shifting shades of gray. ***** *****

Summertime (Photo Friday: Simplicity)

*****   Lazy, languid morn, Dampened, sparkling blades of green A dogs life… indeed! ***** I marvel at the calm serenity I feel on viewing this photo – a simple snapshot of my… Continue reading

Clouds at my Feet (Photo Friday: Sky)

***** Above the ether, Ultraviolet, blue, aquamarine, Billowed, pillow fluffs *****   Postaday: 

Perspective…through the chain link fence (Photo Friday, Haiku Friday)

***** Through the chain link fence, Poised, line drive headed my way, Second to first: Out! *****   Postaday: 

Photo Friday: Movement “High-tailing It”

***** Slicing through the sky, Flight feathers gliding, guiding, O’er thermals, soaring. *****   Postaday: 

Water (Photo Friday, Haiku Friday)

***** O’er the glist’ning spout, Engulfing, gushing, rushing, Elixir of life. *****   Postaday: 

Wisdom of The Tulips (Photo Friday: Early Morning)

Sepals closed, slumb’ring still, Sun hides well o’er fog-drenched fields, Quiet, dampened dawn. ***** An almost mystical morning hush is captured in this photo, taken while strolling the grounds of the Buttermilk Inn… Continue reading

Shadows of Time: Photo-Haiku Trilogy

 1. Sundial Shadows Endless ages pass, Casting shadows on this face, Marking time of man. *************** 2. Tree Trunk Through the Shadows Through the shadowed arch, Time-weathered, lonely tree-trunk Straggled, scraggled, stands. **********… Continue reading

Thirsty (Photo Friday: Signs of Summer)

Thirsty, tender tendrils soak in pre-dawn dew droplets, Soon; summer swelter. Postaday: 

Fallen Blossom

Crimson blossom down Atop a lonely puddle Vibrant even so.


Velvet moss-cushion, ‘Tween reed grass and lagoon spray, Rocky Egret shores.

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