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Weekly Photo Challenge: Container

  PHOTO CHALLENGE: Container “From “Don’t judge a book by its cover” to “Don’t look at the jug, but at what it contains” (an old Rabbinic saying), we’re constantly taught that the contents… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

PHOTO CHALLENGE: Relic…What images does “relic” conjure for you? A well-worn piece of blue beach glass, the faded pencil markings from a high-school journal, or the curmudgeonly character from the CBC television series, The… Continue reading


Between the Elms and White Birch boughs, He swoops to seek his sustenance. Between the thrush, the finch and doves, He jockeys for a place perchance. Between their flurried rush he sees, His opportunity to… Continue reading

Extra! Extra!

Extra, Extra This was written for the Weekly Photo Challenge: A beautiful photo is one thing, but a photo with an unexpected detail has personality and pop. This week, share a photo that… Continue reading

Room: No Vacancy

No Vacancy They cluster as they always have before, While hidden in the bramble bush I spy, Awaiting welcome sign that beckons, sure I’ll fly to join the flock before they hie. As… Continue reading

Which Came First…

  This photo is reminiscent of the age-old conundrum: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” This ‘split-second’ was alive, vibrant and noisy with the clucking of the colorful chickens at ‘The… Continue reading

Tourist Twist

This photograph displays several counter-intuitive twists; from a vision of “La tour Eiffel” in winter, complete with ice skaters, to the miniaturization of the scene into a Christmas Ball. The third twist is… Continue reading

Work of Art: Antipasto

In response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art: “Art ” isn’t just paintings and sculptures, it can be anything in which we find beauty and meaning – even food.  Show us… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

  Weekly Photo Challenge These three photos all scream “Spring” to me. From the unbridled enthusiasm of my grandson, racing to find the most hidden Easter Eggs, to the lovely simplicity of a… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

This series of photographs is posted in response to the prompt “letters“. Upon first glance, these two photos, are a welcome banner and a logo on a cap.  For me, though, when I… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

My entry(a little late, this week) for The Weekly Photo Challenge:On Top.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

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