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Velvet moss-cushion, ‘Tween reed grass and lagoon spray, Rocky Egret shores.


Launch each day anew, Treasure true precious moments, Manna from heaven.


Windswept clarity, Dunes caressed by sawgrass blades, Shelter on the beach.  

Treasure Trove

My eyes are dazzled by the glinting sun, Sparkling on the hulls of seashell casts, Unique as crystal snowflakes, each is one, From depths beyond and ages long since past. The gulls have… Continue reading

Floating Dock

Life was simpler then, Oars, quiet, docking, rocking Peaceful lakeside scene.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

The trail leading to the cliffside path that rims glacier lake in the heart of the Mohonk Preserve beckons in a tantalizing, yet ominous, way. The signpost stands as a beacon, warning of… Continue reading

Color Guard (Photo Friday: Reflections)

Crimson next to sun-gold folds stand tall, They line up straight, o’erseeing seabirds’ calls Lining beachside snack bar table sides, Just waiting for the snowbirds to arrive. Reflections on the beachside bar so… Continue reading


The endless break of waves on shore, Replenish teeming life-chains spawned, Distracted not, he stares out, ever sure That curl is filled with promise evermore In under-swirling eddy’s from beyond. This discipline has… Continue reading

Of Shared Strolls, Sandy Beaches and Miracles

Ponte Vedra Sunrise, March, 2014 Damp grains of sand fill up all the spaces ‘tween my toes, As foaming surf rushes to embrace the shore, Erasing every foot-mold, as if they’d never been.… Continue reading

My Obsession (Photo Friday, Haiku Friday)

Shark teeth undertow, ‘Neath rainbow-painted moon-sky, Predawn shifting sands. One of my many obsessions is photographing sunrises. There is nothing like the peace and stillness just before sunrise. On a beach, the gulls… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

  This street scene could be anywhere. But it isn’t just anywhere.  The cobblestones in this square have been a feeding ground for pigeons and pedestrians for centuries. This square sits on the… Continue reading


Mari-golden girls, Plummy pods top violet vines, Technicolor turf.

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