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Velvet moss-cushion, ‘Tween reed grass and lagoon spray, Rocky Egret shores.


  Window box sun rays, Diffract, reflect, predict Hope, Life for the taking.

Color Guard (Photo Friday: Reflections)

Crimson next to sun-gold folds stand tall, They line up straight, o’erseeing seabirds’ calls Lining beachside snack bar table sides, Just waiting for the snowbirds to arrive. Reflections on the beachside bar so… Continue reading

My Obsession (Photo Friday, Haiku Friday)

Shark teeth undertow, ‘Neath rainbow-painted moon-sky, Predawn shifting sands. One of my many obsessions is photographing sunrises. There is nothing like the peace and stillness just before sunrise. On a beach, the gulls… Continue reading


Mari-golden girls, Plummy pods top violet vines, Technicolor turf.

Inscrutable Visage (Photo Friday: Calm)

Peaceful, placid place, Stoic, stolid face, Bespeaks of ages past and days to come. This overwintering rest, Puts fibers on my breast That serve me well, then serve a greater purpose. Soft and… Continue reading

A Walk in Winter (Photo Friday: Explore; Haiku Friday)

Tree trunk points the way, Ice-trodden trail sluiced from snow, Wintry, woodland walk.

LANDSCAPE 2014: Then and Now… (Photo Friday, Haiku Friday)

Independence born
 His humble leadership firm
 His home, our nation.                             

Twilight (Photo Friday / Haiku Friday)

Twilight soon descends, Glistning  ‘cicles cease their melt, Silver-shard suspense!

Photo Friday: Beasts

Photo Friday: Dramatic

At first viewing, one might assume that the subject of this Photo Friday, “Dramatic”, is best personified by the Downtown Disney Denizen, jutting up in all his LEGO glory from the lagoon, with… Continue reading

Photo Friday; Climate: “Blanket of Snow”

Like the cozy hand-knit afghan that, after having been set aside during warmer months, now blankets our shivering selves; Nature’s blanket of snow returns – predictably, beautifully, and comfortingly. Blanket of Snow

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