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A Musician’s Notebook: Making a Rainbow

  This is a beautiful and special place. Each summer, a prep school campus of rolling, green hills, clear mountain air, and rippling streams, nestled at the foot of Mt. Everett in Sheffield Massachusetts,… Continue reading

A Musician’s Notebook: It’s All About The Journey…Or Is It?

This has been a very busy week in that the Choral Art Society of NJ (of which I am a proud second soprano), is rehearsing for the May 17th concert. This is a ritual that… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

This series of photographs is posted in response to the prompt “letters“. Upon first glance, these two photos, are a welcome banner and a logo on a cap.  For me, though, when I… Continue reading

Silent Eloquence

Looking out over the expanse of neatly arranged chairs, that in a few hours will be teeming with concert-goers, the stark contrast is clear. This anticipatory lull is prelude to a great crescendo… Continue reading

The Piano Lesson

He sits atop the oversized piano bench, feet dangling, sidling off the edge to press the pedals. He, like his Dad before him, craves the music; is intoxicated by the idea that he… Continue reading

The Sound of Silence (Vienna; May 7, 1824)

****************** Suddenly, I’ve stopped tumbling through time. Suddenly, I’m witness to his silent moment of triumph. Suddenly, I see, that he hears only through pulsing stringed vibrations and deafened, thundering applause. Suddenly, I… Continue reading

Villanelle: Maysong

Their song arises to celestial realms bubbling o’er the cliff in coiling curls As hawk’s wings soar and float atop the elms. and top tall branches in the clouds entwined as ring by… Continue reading

On Miracles

🎵🎵🎵 The same old butterflies returned to her stomach and her pulse quickened with uncertainty, as she turned into the familiar road that led to her mountain retreat. Her friends and acquaintances from… Continue reading

Dona Nobis Pacem

🌾🌾🌾 🌾🌾🌾 Whitman, Poet penning poems: War poems Williams, Composer setting words to music: Dona Nobis Pacem. Artistic genius, both united inevitably in performance. I sing through tears, their requiem for fallen Father… Continue reading

Illuminating Irony

Re-enacted religiously since that night, Remembering with sensual clarity the first time: Crystal chandelier ascending; upward, inward, slowly but seemingly inexorably, Stunningly skyward. Grand Tier light extinguished As smaller orbs, in spoke-like formation… Continue reading

Photo Friday: Artificial Light… “Oh, What a Night!”

This week’s Photo Friday challenge prompt is “Artificial Light”. I chose this photo, taken at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, on the evening we went to see Franki Valli in… Continue reading

“Va Pensiero”

Tonight, as music fills this hallowed hall And transfixed patrons breathe and sigh as one, I’m moved to tears: this music from the past Performed across the sea from whence it came. The… Continue reading

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