Sante – from Place de La Madeleine!

I am a happily retired Chemical Engineer, Project Manager, Procurement Professional and Senior Executive, who is now free to focus on all my “current obsessions”:  music, writing, photography, knitting, wine, reading and – now – blogging.

Underlying it all, and my raison d’être of course, is my family:  my husband, Bob, of 45 years; my children, Rob and Steph; and God’s very special gifts – our five grandsons.  The newest addition to our family is Bandit, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who joins Madison, my daughter’s 2 year old golden retriever, on the furry side of the family.

Last but not least is my dear sister, Eileen and her wonderful children.  It is interesting to note that while my husband and I have been blessed with 5 GrandSONS, my sister, Eileen, has 5 GrandDAUGHTERS! Go figure!

This is my first blog and a learning experience so I appreciated your consideration and patience as i navigate these new waters.

If you’d like to know the origin of my blog, read the post “Why BCIJo”? for an explanation.