Portrait: “L’Apres-midi d’un Faune”

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Framed in leafy green,
Foraging the foliage,
Startled, sensing she was not alone,
Warned by wafting air
of danger near,

Waiting for the frame,
I spied in silent awe,
Inwardly, I laughed my nervous laughter
I, the unobserved observer,
I, poet behind my lens

Our eyes lock,
Access granted,
She, naïveté epitome,
Trusting babe in untamed woods,
Watching as I watch,

I, that other eyes
behind their view glass,
May, one day, catch her blinded, unaware,
Unmoved by beauty,
Choosing, in its stead,

though, this fawn
will older, wiser be,
Equipped with knowing guile, agility,
Today, she poses,
Just for me,


After a long hiatus, I return to Studio30+ with a poem inspired by these photographs, and the Photo Friday prompt “Portrait”.  I include the Studio 30+ prompt: “I laughed my nervous laughter.”







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After 45 years as a Professional Engineer in Pharma and Construction , Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer for a global tech company, I bid 'adieu' to the corporate world. Married 48 years ago to my childhood sweetheart, and "Grandma" to five amazing boys, ranging in age from 3 to 12, I'm a doting "human" to Bandit, an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Hubby, a recently 'un-retired' and ever devoted Educator, and I live in Westfield, NJ, where we raised our family and have easy access to the 'boys' and their never-ending sports and school events. I find self-expression through family, music, writing, creative arts and photography. Life is good and each day an amazing new opportunity!

8 thoughts on “Portrait: “L’Apres-midi d’un Faune””

  1. Gorgeous picture and gorgeous words to express the moment. Vocabulary choice is spot on and lets your reader dive right into that moment. I’d like to bit a favourite bit, but I loved it all.


  2. Kir Piccini says:

    HI Joanne,
    this was gorgeous. So many lines took my breath away and left me with the thought that innocence (and youth) we have the world at our feet but then as we gain experience and of course knowledge leaving that innocence is sad. We all want to “grow up” but it costs us the daydreams.

    What a gorgeous picture to help tell this story.
    SO glad to have you back at Studio30. :)


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