Aprons Away!




I’ve always harbored a fascination for sprinklers. It’s been in my blood, part of my lineage, ever since I can remember; when the only relief from the sweltering summer heat was running through the hastily set-up backyard spray. I believe that this sprinkler-seeking instinct is in the DNA of most kids.

It’s invigorating to watch the patterns of sparkling droplets spraying across the green expanse, as the bright sun rays reflect off each glowing globule.  So it was without inhibition that I became their willing accomplice in this frolicking venture.

Shrieks and squeals of feigned fear filled the backyard scene, as I aimed the spray at my precious progeny, seeking shelter within the box. My daughter (their Mom) would soon return to find her drenched-to-the-skin, sneaker- sopping-and-muddy boys, shivering with excitement and glee. She’d conclude that clearly, I’d given up every shred of propriety. She would, of course, be correct.

What mature adult would deliberately toss the refrigerator packaging- a huge corrugated container – out onto the freshly-mowed lawn? What dignified retired woman would (from her deck-high perch) aim the water spray at the soppy, floppy fortress? I confess…C’est moi, as I easily and happily succumbed to their taunts and teases.

The years seem to fly by, and yet, blessed moments like this are often only an impulse away. I’m appreciative that Grand-motherhood gives me permission to act like a silly kid again; to take off the apron, leave the supper dishes in the sink and instigate some fun. The household chores can wait until tomorrow.  These tasty morsels are set before me now, as a feast for the partaking.

“Stop and smell the roses!” For some that is sound advice. But my preference will always be: “Turn on the sprinkler, boys!”

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Written for Trifecta challenge week 75:

BLOOD (noun) 1a (1) : the fluid that circulates in the heart, arteries, capillaries, and veins of a vertebrate animal carrying nourishment and oxygen to and bringing away waste products from all parts of the body (2) : a comparable fluid of an invertebrate b : a fluid resembling blood 2: the shedding of blood; also : the taking of life3a : lifeblood; broadly : life b : human stock or lineage; especially : royal lineage c : relationship by descent from a common ancestor : kinship d : persons related through common descent : kindred e (1) : honorable or high birth or descent (2) : descent from parents of recognized breed or pedigree.



Photo (prompt) used with permission of Studio 30P.