Pausing for a second at the door, Out corner of my eye, motion in the snow, I stay to watch, foregoing busy chores, The foraging of fawns and bucks and doe. Bearing silent witness to… Continue reading

Night Vision

Stark dreams that come (un-asked for) in my sleep, Disturb my psyche, cause my soul to burn, Searing my distress, though buried deep, Predicting days ahead, doubt’s wild return. I am alarmed, I… Continue reading

Maternal Instinct

It’s sad to watch the roaming deer, foraging through our yard for any sustenance amid the frozen environs. Even the bird-bath is a solid block of ice. Holly leaves and bird-seed must suffice. But those eyes….

Orange Marmelade

Orange you glad that …the Weekly Photo Challenge asked us for a collection in which the color orange, is either the subject of, or the accent to, the photographs. My selection runs the gamut from wine labels and wildlife in the backyard to hand crafted mosaics, rowboats and (of course) my Pet Pooch. Enjoy!

Silent Sunday

Zebra Dove

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt this week – REWARD, I selected this photo of a hungry (but patient) Zebra Dove, perched table side at the Princeville Hotel Cafe (Kauai, Hawaii). This uninvited member of our party sat quietly until we were done, and then reaped his reward!

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