The Journey

I expect incredibly vibrant sunrise shots and mirrored reflections of the Seven Seas Lagoon; but some of my more memorable moments come from unexpected sights and sounds encountered along the way.

Calm after the Storm

After The Storm

The drenching storms that caused such havoc through the night, were gone by morning’s first light. A clean and freshly showered landscape has always had a positive effect on my spirits and on this day, I knew I just had to go for a walk up to Brightwood Park, my favorite “Green Acres” reservation.

The Girl from Berryman Place

Berryman Place

“…Berryman Place….As an impressionable nine year old, I was relieved that it wasn’t “Bury man Place”. I don’t recall having seen any “berry” men, but I do remember the “Ice Man”, the “Milk Man”, the “Soda Man”, the “Coal Man”, the “Knife-sharpening Man” and (my favorite) the “Ice Cream Man”…read more…

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