Lace With threads of silken fibers wound around hand-carved bobbins, spools that lay in place, To rest, lest soon the complex plan confound, As brightly colored pinheads mark their space. Bolster pillows fast secure the stays, And prickings guide her expert fingers, deft, Art from […]

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Moving in Place

Incessant, intermeshing gears in play, The fire burns within to stymie fate, Pretense of moving on, yet ever stay. Out-of-tune caliope betrays, Implying that a free life lies in wait, Incessant, intermeshing gears in play. Though hues are bright, beneath there lurks the gray of oil-clogged sprockets; […]

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Spring in Motion

Spring In Motion

I know it’s Spring because the brown hard soil beneath my feet, begins to greenish be, Before the morning light they’re chirping; all a-flutter as they gather in the trees. I know it’s Spring when safflower hulls and seeds Are strewn beneath my backyard feeding stands, […]


Burnt Orange

Between the ink-black night and brand new day, Before the bright white sun’s in blinding play, Burnt orange sliver, then a band, seeps through, The light year, far-off fire flames anew, The solar star so distant, yet, the key, to who and why and whence […]

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Young at Heart

Young at Heart Surely solvable, but perhaps no, I dare to undertake to figure out, Hand-carved puzzle causing me to bow, Full focus on the task that I’m about. My grandsons challenged, priming for a rout, Who (smarter than their elders) know it all, They […]

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Santa Barbara Dawn

Before the Dawn

I have always been an early bird, creeping out of vacation hotel rooms to avoid waking the family, camera case slung over my shoulder and flip-flops tucked under my arm. I cannot miss the sunrise. I know that the most beautiful moments are fleeting and […]